Pick the Right Closure Length for Your Hair Bundles


Closures are bought to add style and to protect your hair; they give a more natural look. Typical closures measure 4×4 inches; some people may opt for other measurements like 4×3, 5×5, etc. 4×4 closures are the most preferred because it gives the most natural look, the difference between these closure sizes is the lace space. Still, they are all made for the same purpose; to achieve a stylish natural look. Experts recommend choosing bundles with closures for uniformity and perfection. Read on, and get insights on how to choose the right closure length for your hair bundles. 

Recommended Length Of A Closure

The closure length should be able to achieve your desired hairstyle and match the size of the bundles. Most closure hair lengths are shorter than the bundles, but the difference shouldn’t be big. However, there are no limitations in style as long as you achieve a great look. Three bundles are recommended for a completely perfect look.

The advantage of buying bundles with closures is you won’t have to worry about the length differences because they are all matched according to style. A curly texture always looks shorter than a straight texture. If you have curly bundles and a straight closure, ensure the closure is much longer than the bundles so that after it’s curled up, its length would still match the bundles.

Which Is The Right Closure?

1. Quality

You can choose to leave your natural hair out; for this, you will need the best quality closure with a texture similar to your hair. Leaving your natural hair out will require you to keep blow drying it to match the rest of the hair. Closures that are partitioned on the side depict a more realistic outlook compare to partitioned middle closures.

2. Color

The color of the closure lace should match your scalp’s color; this is crucial to ensure that the lace is invisible. Nonetheless, the lace can be dyed; the process should be done carefully. Take cotton and dip it in your skin tone dye and dye the lace where it is more visible.

3. Good installation

Regardless of the quality of the closure, the closure should be appropriately installed and secured with clips. A 4×4 size closure can accommodate different styles. You can choose a free part closure that allows you to try out different styles.

Advantages of a perfect closure

1. Less maintenance.

Compared with other lace wigs, closure wigs require less maintenance; they only have to be washed, conditioned, and styled once in a while.

2. Durability

With proper maintenance, closure wigs can last longer than other lace wigs. Closure wigs don’t require much customization or gluing.

3. Keeps your hair safe

A closure wig allows you to try out different hairstyles without interfering with your natural hair. It keeps it safe from too much heating and dying.


The length of your closure matters; it’s a determinant of the style you want and the length of the bundles. Their are three types of closure partitionings, the middle, free part, and three-part; the versatility enables you to choose whichever hairstyle you wish.

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