Celebrities That Wear Ginger Wigs

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Choosing a ginger wig at a wig store – either online or offline is usually a tough choice. Except you have done your research, and you are super sure that you want the ginger wig, it is very typical for you to rethink before you make that purchase. From the color of the ginger wigs being very close to red, you may begin to doubt if the color would not hinder the kind of events you can wear the wigs for or the kind of outfit you wear. While these thoughts are great, they’re mostly wrong assumptions. Ginger wigs are one of the fastest-growing commodities in the wig industry, and that color that may make you scared is its main selling point.

There are people who wish they were natural redheads because of the ginger wig color. This color makes you stand out; it is fit for any event and doesn’t dictate your outfit. With ginger hair, you look highly bold and strong – giving you a strong boost of confidence. Ginger wigs are growing popular, and many wig lovers these days want to wear a ginger wig. Apart from the contemporary world, ginger wigs have a global recognition. Amongst celebrities, there are many who wear their ginger wigs noticeably and sturdily. In this guide, we want to examine the celebrities that have worn ginger wigs in the past;

Lucy Boynton

Usually, you will know Lucy for the regular Blonde Bob she wears. So it was pretty amazing and perplexing when everyone saw her with ginger hair. However, as always, Lucy who starred in Modern Love will always look great in almost any outfit.

Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine Petsch is an actress that starred as Cheryl Blossom in the popular Riverdale movie. One part that made this character extremely popular is the ginger wig she was always wearing from time to time. She used to mix the ginger wig with a little bit of gothic hair.

Sophie Turner

If you know anyone who has not seen the Game of Thrones series, then maybe you need to give that person an award of self-control. This series grew so popular globally that people were waiting. One character in the series was Sophie Turner. And all through the series, Sophie was always on her red hair to suit her fierce character.


Kells is a fantastic musician. One track that has made the globe appreciate her is the MilkShake song. But that’s not all about Kelis. Kelis can display a little bit of drama – evident in her hairstyles. She chooses the short ginger wig, which gives more evidence to her earrings.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks may be widely regarded as a model, but in our opinion, she’s a role model to most models – a supermodel! She has been a culprit of ginger hair for some time now. She is constantly switching between the regular ginger hair curls or the straight ones. Irrespective of the one Tyra tries, she always looks great in them. If you know Tyra Banks well, you’ll attest that she’s got beautiful blue eyes, and these eyes are more evident with the ginger hair.


You are not the only person attracted to ginger hair and wigs. We have listed top celebrities who have always styled their hair in ginger color.

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