How Long Can I Use My Human Hair Wig?


Human hair extensions are used mainly for organic stray hairs, skin problems, hair loss, shaved heads, and for aesthetic purposes, among others. One hundred percent human hair extensions lace wigs are always costly because of what they are made with; as a result, human hair wigs for women of color must be durable.

Most times, people get curious about how long human hair wigs last, and that has prompted the writing of this article. We are going to discuss some essential things to know about human hair wigs and how long they last. Read in to discover more.

In ordinary situations, 100% of actual human hair wigs would last for a maximum of one year. However, if they’re correctly taken care of and appropriately maintained, they could last up to two years.

Wigs made with human hair.

The substance used in human hair wigs has a significant impact on the longevity of the extensions. There is a significantly longer lifespan for 100 percent pure human hair extensions with maintained ends. Human hair with damaged ends, on the other hand, requires more attention and has a limited life than human hair wigs with intact outer hair layers.

How can you keep your human hair wigs in good condition?

The way you care for your human hair wigs affects how long it lasts. Human hair is similar to your natural hair, in that it lasts as long as we take care of it. As a wig owner, there are a few questions to ask yourself;

1. When it comes to human hair wigs, when and how often should you maintain them?

Ordinarily, you should maintain your human hair wig every week after purchasing it. T ensure that your human hair wig lasts as long as possible, you should always wash it, following the cleaning technique specified by the producer.

2. How would you arrange your human hair wigs to make them last longer?

Moisturizing your wig should be part of your everyday routine. To prevent hair falling and tangles, use a large brush with a wide tooth to brush your wig. While sleeping, wear a cotton cap to keep your wig off your face.

Some other aspect to note is that, while human hair wigs are made of 100% natural hair, they are not exactly like your own hair and thus cannot absorb nutrition from your head.

3. How do you keep your human hair wigs so they could last long?

When not being used, you can put the wigs in rubber or a doll’s head to retain the wig in excellent condition.


Just as a wet, muddy atmosphere, sticky workspace, and unfriendly surroundings are terrible for your natural hair, these factors are also harmful to your 100% authentic human hair extensions. This can all affect the service duration of human hair wigs. As a result, you must devote greater attention to avoid such conditions.


To summarize, if you can adequately care for your human hair extensions, which typically have a duration of 1 to 2 years, then you can expect to use it to your satisfaction.

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