Why You Should Hand Wash Your Car More Often


Before now, you can argue that giving your car a hand wash is very strenuous and demanding. But today, this argument will be baseless. This is because nowadays numerous companies today produce high-quality washing hoses and hose reels to make this job easier. Some even offer free shipping services.

Endeavor to hand wash your car more frequently so you will enjoy numerous rewards that come with it.

Benefits of Giving Your Car a Hand Wash

1. It preserves your car’s beauty

One mistake most car owners make is to take the condition of their car’s exterior for granted. You shouldn’t be one of those people. The paintwork of a car is one thing that shouldn’t be neglected.

A car will retain its shine if the layers of paint used during manufacturing are still intact. One way on ensuring this paintwork remains intact is by washing your car regularly.

If you don’t, the coat will soon start to pull off and before long, the car will look old and ugly. Also, remember that dust and dirt dull the color of a car.

Other things that could mess with a car finishing include; bird droppings, road grit, and residues from a heavy downpour.

2. It offers protection during winter

If you reside along the Northern region, you must be familiar with loads of salt being dumped along the road to melt snow. This is usually experienced during the winter.

As you journey along such roads, salt gets stuck underneath your car and around the tire areas. Such occurrences present a perfect opportunity for rust to gain bearing and start eating up the metal parts.

To protect your car before it gets eaten up wash it regularly. Even when the temperature is freezing and car washing does not seem so pleasant, you can employ the services of professionals.

Endeavor to properly wash the underneath areas and areas around the wheel to remove every trace of salt that may be trapped in between. Remember that it is not advisable to get your car washed when the temperature is below freezing point.

3. A clean car ensures safety

To drive safe, you must maintain a high degree of visibility. If you have something obstructing your vision, you won’t be able to drive properly.

Every window, the windshield, rear, and side windows inclusive must be completely free from dust and dirt. And one way to achieve this is regular washing of your car.

Another advantage of washing your car regularly is that it offers you the opportunity to monitor your car closely in other to ensure safety. While you wash, you can look out for any fault in the wiring, license plate holder, and bulbs.


You should make use of a hose while washing your car in your driveway or garage. As an alternative, you can also take it to a car wash.

However, you shouldn’t let your car go through mechanized washing all the time as the processes employed could be harmful to the car. If you intend to enjoy the full benefit of a regularly washed car, always hand wash.

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