What Can You Do to Save Water for Your Garden?


Do you love gardening and landscaping but also are looking for a way to reduce the money you spend on the water? Do not worry! There are a lot of ways to save water while maintaining a garden or landscape.

Below, we give you a few suggestions, tips, and worthy investments that you can do to save you a lot of money and time! These ideas will also work great for areas that are suffering from water restrictions or dry climates!

How to save water

Make a rain barrel

Rainwater is actually good for your plants since it has a lot of minerals plus it is definitely free from chemicals and salt.

You can simply set up a system that collects rainwater from the gutter on the roof. You can also level up by hiring a landscape irrigation expert so that the gathered rainwater can also be used by your irrigation system.

Choose your plants well

If you are in an area that gets a lot of long hot days, you should choose drought-tolerant plants. Otherwise, you will end up using more water than usual when you go with plants that need to be watered all the time.

Do your research and check which plants thrive well in your area. You can also consult a local landscape professional for this. They can even check your priority to assess which plants would work best for you.

Use high-quality garden hoses

You think you may be saving money working with cheap garden hoses but it is actually draining money from your wallet in the long run. Cheap hoses are made out of weak material that easily gets damaged and makes your hose prone to leaks.

You should invest more money in watering tools like a wall-mounted garden hose reel. Such tools are not only durable but also come in a modernized aesthetic design that is pleasing to the eyes!

Water the soil

We see a lot of people drenching their plants on TV or in movies. This is not actually the right way to water your plants. The rule is to water the soil only and not let the leaves get wet.

If the water goes straight to the root zone, the plants get to absorb more water and less water will be evaporated. The plant’s foliage must stay dry to prevent sunscald and the growth of the disease.

This is exactly why it is better to work with a hose and water them individually or implement an irrigation system than to use sprinklers.

Add mulch to the soil

If there is some bare soil in your garden, it helps to add a two- or three-inch layer of mulch on the top. This will help slow down water evaporation and it also helps reduce weeds from growing around the plant or crop.

Space your plants tightly

If your plants are close together, they do not only look better but also shade each other, which slows down evaporation from the soil. Plants that grow close to each other actually suppress the growth of weeds. This means you do not have to water them as much.

Let the grass grow

If your plants are directly on the ground. Make sure that you keep the grass around them high (about two inches). The grass provides shade to the soil and will help the soil retain more water.

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