Tips For Picking The Best Photo For Your Image Chain


An image chain (bildkette), is a necklace containing a photo, whereby the photo may be set on a pendant or locket hanging from the chain. The market features various styles and designs of image chain. This post focuses on how to choose the best photo for image chain.

How to choose the photo for your image chain

The following are some valuable tips that will help you pick the best photo to put in your image chain;

1. Figure out where the photo will be put

More often than not, chains with photographs typically highlight pendants like a locket. The picture is generally positioned inside the pendant. Nonetheless, there are likewise different chains or necklaces where the photo is set on a medallion or some other knickknack dangling from the chain. Note, there are numerous options for having the photo placed on the necklace in simpler terms. It would help to know your options before making a choice.

2. Decide the photograph you wish to utilize

Before you even think or resize the photograph to fit inside the pendant or any other tip, you first need to figure out which picture you need to utilize. More often than not, individuals use photographs of their children, parents, guardians, family, life partners, or pets.

Nonetheless, individuals can likewise pick pictures of nature and things like a tree, household item, building, or spot that is nostalgic or critical. The only restriction on the object of the photograph you need to use on your necklace or chain is your imagination.

3. Think about the size of the photo

Another critical step while picking the photograph is deciding the size of the chain. Note that the size of the chain typically affects the size of the photo you place on it. In some cases, the position of the image will also significantly impact the size of the necklace. For example, if the photograph will be put on the pendant, the pendant’s size will affect the photograph size.

You should ensure the picture is accurately measured, so it effectively goes on the necklace. Setting a little photograph on a chain would constrain you to a flaw or cause the photo to warp. You additionally don’t need the picture to be too little to such an extent that it is difficult for somebody to determine what or who is on the photograph. Technology has made it possible for you to measure your pendant or trinket size then shrink your photo to the same size without any problems.

4. Think about the shape and design of the image

After determining the perfect size, the next important thing to do is select the photo’s shape and design. The position where the photograph will be set will help you make this decision. For example, on the off chance that you decide to have the picture inside a heart-formed locket or medallion, the photograph should be a similar shape to fit impeccably into the pendant. The pendant shape and style will likewise decide the design of the picture.

For example, if you are utilizing a vintage pendant, you might need to go for a high contrast photograph or a vintage-altered photograph. This will ensure that they complement each other.

Final word

Finally, after making all the decisions mentioned above, you must develop a technique for putting the photograph on the necklace. This will be determined by where you wish to set the photo and all the elements mentioned above.

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