The Primary Types Of Swim Spas And How They Work


China Royal Spa is one of the leading hot tubs and swim spas manufacturer in China. The company started operating in 1999 and has since then garnered a positive reputation in the industry. The company is known for its quality hot tub and swim spas. It serves a wide range of clients from varying parts of China. With a 35000 square meter factory and more than 200 workers, China Royal Spa is one of the largest companies in this market. You can get more information on the brand through their official platform. Swim spas are some of the top-selling products by this brand. In this write-up, we discuss the different types of swim spas.

Types of swim spas

The market is packed with dozens of swim spa brands. Even then, these brands manufacture almost the same types of hot tubs, with some slight differences. Below are some of the primary types of swim spas and how they work;

1. Jetted swim spas

Jetted swim spas are usually designed with multiple jets. They can have between two to eight jets on a single swim spa. Jetted swim spas can also be defined by the mechanism they use to generate the current against which you get to swim.

In this case, swim spas use a pump and motor, which pushes water through the jets. When this happens, a current is created. These types of swim spas also usually have a two-speed pump. This component helps to control the rate at which the water flows through the jets. A single pump can get water through two swim jets, depending on the size of the swim spa, the number of jets, and the number of pumps.

2. Propulsion swim spas

Unlike jetted swim spas, propulsion swim spas use propellers to generate their current. The propellers can generate up to 5000 gallons worth of current per minute. The amount or strength of current generated depends on how fast the propellers are running.

However, in these types of swim spas, the current can be managed using a topside control. Propulsion swim spas are famous because they derive a smoother, more laminar, and larger current than their counterparts. Since they do not use air, they feature less turbulence, making it easier for you to see through the water. It is worth mentioning that the size, performance, and propeller material can vary between different brands.

3. Paddlewheels swim spas

Paddlewheels swim spas are a unique type on the market. There is only one brand (SwimEx) in the world that offers this type of swim spa. This type boasts of being the widest, deepest, and smoothest kind of swim spa on the market.

The fact that paddlewheels swim spas are unique to a single brand makes it difficult to explain their performance because it’s patented. However, there are several positive reviews on paddlewheels swim spas.

Final word

Note that the functioning of the various types of swim spas may differ from one brand to the next. The variety of materials used to create or manufacture the products may also vary depending on the brand. When choosing the best type of swim spa from the ones listed above, it would help if you considered factors like their performance, durability, and qualities.

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