FAQ Guide For A Retractable Extension Cord Reel System


Are you in the market for purchasing a retractable extension cord reel system, and you lack all the necessary information? Or would you like more information on the installation process? Do you want to know what makes a retractable extension cord reel extremely durable? Well, you are definitely in the right place. In this post, you will get the ultimate FAQ guide for a retractable extension cord reel system. This guide will inform you of the features, installation, and maintenance of a retractable extension cord reel.

Where to install a retractable extension cord reel system

A retractable extension cord reel offers the same services for different categories of people. Mechanics can use it at their workplace, or you can use it in the comfort of your own home. The advantage of a retractable extension cord reel is installing it wherever place you want. For example, you can choose to mount it in your garden, backyard, garage, bedroom, lounge, or even your balcony. In addition, mounting a retractable cord reel to the wall or on a post can help protect your family or workers.

Materials used to make a retractable extension cord reel

Most companies use polypropylene for the hose body and SJTOW for the cable. The SJTOW material ensures that the cord is portable and flexible. The polypropylene in the hose body ensures that it is heat resistant, tough, chemical resistant, and semi-rigid.

Mounting hardware

When you purchase a retractable extension cord reel, it comes with brackets and screws necessary for mounting. You can mount your extension cord reel at whatever height you need. Mounting helps protect the reel from coming into contact with water.

Can you use it with a portable generator?

Using a retractable extension cord reel with a portable generator depends on the generator’s capacity. The portable generator’s capacity is in terms of amps or voltages it can handle.


An adequately packed retractable extension cord reel comes with its cord. The cord depends on the size you purchased. Also, the extension cord reel has a ratcheting mechanism that prevents the cable from retracting back to the reel while in use and rewinds automatically after use. The retractable extension cord reel has a lock that allows you to lock the cord in whatever length you need it. In addition, the cable can extend to whatever size you need it.


The number of plugs you can use depends on the cord reel capacity. For example, you can use three plugs for Voltage 125 Vac, 14 gauge cable, and 13 amps fuse.

Essential things you need to know of the extension cords

  • Avoid extension cords that are damaged or cut. If you come in contact with a live wire, then you can get an electric shock.
  • Check whether the grounding pin and blades of the cord are present.
  • Do not put the cord under the door or carpet to prevent fire accidents from happening.
  • Do not cut an extension cord reel’s grounding pin and blades.


When buying a retractable cord reel, make sure that it meets your need. Also, make sure that it is durable and prioritizes safety. A retractable extension cord reel made of heavy-duty material a very safe appliance to have in your home or workplace.

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